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We found four major influences on which trajectory a woman followed, as well as the complexity and timing of her trajectory: i) the advice of trusted others ii) perceptions of risk iii) delays in care-seeking and receipt of services and iv) economic cost.

Even though abortion is legal in Zambia, girls and women still take significant risks to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Anna* is a community development facilitator with Plan International in Chadiza district, who wishes to remain anonymous.

After the ceremonies, girls drop out of school because of what they been taught - all their focus is on sex and marriage.

Boys prey on the girls who have been initiated, so they are tempted into having sex.” Phyliss and her fellow initiators have changed the ceremony they perform, to focus on simple health messages, how to cope with periods, keeping a clean house and respecting your parents. Initiator Rebecca, 48, has been initiating girls for years in Chilenga community – but says the arrival of Plan changed her attitude completely.

“Some girls get pregnant from the test,” says Anna. Through education programmes, information sharing, communication, these things are reducing now. We are getting the message across loud and clear.” She adds: “If you look at Chadiza, it is one of the least developed, illiteracy is still high and women are very illiterate.

The contributing factor is the initiation ceremony because not many girls reach secondary level.

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