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Changhua JIN, who worked at a major law firm in China as a corporate attorney, as well as Da Xun ZHANG and Jing Chen JIANG both graduates of prestigious law schools in China, are also working in our Shanghai office.

Our professionals in the Shanghai office work closely with specialized attorneys in our Seoul office depending on the clients’ needs and related industry sector.

Following the establishment of BKL’s Beijing office in October 2004, BKL opened its Shanghai office in September 2008, which made BKL the first Korean law firm to have two offices in China.

Sung Wook KIM, who earned an LLM degree from the University of Chicago Law School and has years of experience working in a top tier law firm in Korea, is handling the corporate legal and M&A matters as the representative of the Shanghai office.

Particularly, we provide excellent legal service to Korean companies that intend to enter into local markets in the Huadong areas (i.e. We also assist Chinese companies and multinational enterprises that wish to invest in Korea.

a fantasy-action film in which ninjas battle cowboys in America's Badlands, was written, produced and directed in English by Koreans, stars Korean hunk Jang Dong-gun, Kate Bosworth and Tony Cox, the foul-mouthed midget from It was made for about million after New Zealand subsidies.

Our main empirical results show that technical progress in the PRC had been mostly capital biased, contributing to the fast rises in income inequality in the PRC. Required Publisher's Statement © Asian Development Back.It requires the correct formation of characters, the ordering of the various parts, and general harmony of proportions.Calligraphy requires decades of dedicated study to achieve mastery. Japanese: kaisho)From its earliest origins dating back to the Xia Dynasty culture (2100-1600), Chinese calligraphy passed through several early stages before the present-day script - known as Kai-shu - emerged.For example, an aspiring student will practice inscribing the Chinese "yong" character hundreds (if not thousands) of times in order to produce the eight essential strokes which together make up the character. These stages involved the scripts known as: Jiaguwen (chia-ku-wen), Jinwen (chin-wen), Dazhuan (hsiao chuan) and Li-shu (li-shu) scripts.The two great forms of calligraphy derive from the Arabic and Oriental languages (Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean), although it has been regularly practised in the languages of India, Tibet, Persia, Latin and others. The Jiaguwen and Jinwen scripts were used by Chinese calligraphers during the era of Zhou Dynasty art until 220 BCE, when the Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered the development of a new unified script known as Dazhuan.

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