What if your friend is dating your crush

(That, or she's a mammoth jerk who hits on her boyfriend's friends.) Either way it'll be better for you—not just now, but in general—if you accept that this was a situation over which you never had total control. And to get advice from Auntie, email her at [email protected] And due to forces beyond your control, you are now crushing on a girl who is not only unavailable, and who is not only unavailable because she is dating your best friend, but who also would not even necessarily be interested in you if she were available—a question you cannot determine the answer to without violating all the laws of both bro culture and good taste. And when you find one you like, you'll know that the best way to find out if she likes you—and to avoid missing the boat on a potential romance—is to just ask her. Prove that you can enjoy yourself even when he's present.Be a social butterfly and let your crazy weekend stories get back to him via his circle of friends.If he's a coworker or someone you go to school with, let him admire the work you do and let your skills speak for themselves.This is a time when it's beneficial to be talked about.If you aren't available all the time, not only will that distract you from stalking his Facebook page, but it'll also make him want to see you more. Make him seem like there are other potential options out there.Don't shy away from snapping him pictures or "accidentally" tagging him in a photo of you with other guys (even if they're friends). Smile at the waiter and make the most of a little bit of small talk. It'll definitely rile him up.), he should fight for your attention and go out of his way to be number one on your list.

They're a couple because they like each other; whether or not you missed the chance to date this girl yourself is beside the point, and more than that, it's a mystery.I'm not saying you should go around rubbing against the crotch of every guy you see...but play it up like you're a regular when it comes to playing the field. It's OK to be busy and a little bit vague when it comes to hangouts and conversations. It's important to keep him yearning for more information.Little does he know that all you want is him snuggled up next to you... Something about being unavailable inadvertently will make your crush want you even more. Don't run over and gawk when he's in your line of sight.Instead, briefly say hello and continue on with your plans.

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