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A new batch of cosmetics will unlock every month for three months for a total of over 70 new items across all three races.

These include race-specific skins, portraits, decals, sprays, and emoticons.

Here are a few solutions to help you get the game back on track and shed this error message for good.

players can purchase a Terran, Zerg, or Protoss race pack for .99 each (or a bundle of all 3 for .99).

Of the four WCS Circuit championships, he’s won three of them, and he only seems to be getting better.

With the world’s best players all in one competition, the WCS Global Finals at Blizz Con is a must-watch for Star Craft II fans.

If you're using an integrated GPU, try to preallocate a fair amount of RAM for your GPU in BIOS/UEFI Setup and use the same value here (512 is good enough for low-medium settings).

Recent SC2 versions require the Blizzard App to be installed, as it replaced the launchers for all Blizzard games.

All data will be preloaded until you exit the game to desktop.Have a look at projects aiming at creating more ergonomic hotkeys for SCII: Rapid Fire Hotkeys are implemented in those hotkeys settings. It may make sense to reduce delay before autorepeat starts (default=660 [ms]).Increasing a bit the repeat rate (default=25 [/s]) is a trade-off: speed vs accuracy. SC2Hotkeys file would need to be modified, to take it into account to add "Backspace" as an alternate wherever Caps Lock is used. Agent started on port #6882 Executing operation: disable_firewall application Path="C:\users\Public\Application Data\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.4432\Agent.exe" application Name="Update Agent" Agent As Admin failed to add a firewall exception for 'C:\users\Public\Application Data\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.4432\Agent.exe'.Registered Event: "shutdown event" Registered Event: "database flush event" Post To succeeded status: 0 for url: GB.patch.battle.net:1119/patch Post Data: You can now restart the App. SC2 never fully loads the game initially, but rather streams and loads required files on demand.

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