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Modern restoration workers revealed and repaired intricate mosaic floors of the church. Peter’s Primacy, where Jesus is said to have appeared to his disciples after the resurrection. Mount of Beatitudes Jesus is believed to have given the Sermon on the Mount here, on a low hill near Tabgha.

In the 1960s, the Franciscans restored several old synagogues and churches and also found the “House of St.A modern church was built atop the ruins of the house in the 1990s, with a glass floor in the middle so visitors can see the original church below.The area was made into a national park, and the Israel Parks and Nature Authority built a dock where tourists can disembark after sailing to Capernaum from Tiberias or Ein Gev.Peter,” which apparently served as a meeting place for early Christians.In it lay many fragments of plaster bearing Christian symbols and inscriptions including the names of Jesus, Simon and Peter.

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