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I'll give him this - he waited until the very last segment of the show to bring on the matrimonial inquisition.

But then he spent that entire segment on it, and teased it with this: Rice replies that she always expected to be married but "you don't get married in the abstract.

I'd say patience in addition to the communication wisely recommended above.

I just felt a man should have room for affection for a woman too, if he's out there looking for one!

Suitable for dating sediments up to c.45Ka old as long as they contain suitable biogenic material (molluscs, microfossils, wood).

This method is not without its own inaccuracies and has limited precision, but it does provide dates in terms of calendar years.

Using the framing to which we are accustomed here at Living Single, he wants reassurance that she's not single at heart.

Our reports contain official radiocarbon dating certificates for each sample together with calibration curves showing how each conventional radiocarbon age for samples has been calibrated with the calendar year curve.

You’d mentioned you thought Miss Brainy was pretty hot, didn’t you? And I think maybe having a more open relationship would be really cool. I mean, you’re bi, and I’m interested in women, so it’s fair that we can both have a girlfriend if we want.Extension of the calibration curve further back to about 24,000 calendar years BP has been achieved using U-Th decay series dates from marine organisms (principally corals).This method can be used to radiocarbon date one milligram of carbon or less and has the added advantage that the small sample size permits more selective sampling.With Professor Condoleezza Rice as one of his first guests, he would surely tip his own hand.Would he, too, turn out to be a matrimaniac or would we see something a little less tired and worn?

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Dating annual tree growth rings of known historical age has demonstrated that in the past there have been short term variations in atmospheric C levels.

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