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From the technology side, there is still a gap between China and developed countries (North America, European Union and Japan) in power electronics.

Indeed, according to the latest power electronics Yole’s report entitled (2015 edition), the value is today mainly located at the module level...

combined their technical and IP knowledge of the semiconductor industry to analyze the fingerprint sensors technology evolution.Under this context, facing with technical challenges due to numerous samples’ handling, integrators are now exploring innovative solutions based on microfluidic technologies, which are becoming step by step more and more mature.Some segments of the microfluidic technologies for sample preparation market will double within one year: Yole’s team announces a global market reaching US3 million in 2020…PANEL-LEVEL PACKAGES, A PROMISING MARKETFor many years now, the semiconductor industry development has been governed by the Moore’s law and the increasing demand for higher performance and lower manufacturing costs.Under this context, the “More than Moore” company, released by Yole last November, the market research and strategy consulting company estimates, the panel packaging industry will reach US$ 109 million by 2017, with a market value of US$ 405 million by 2020.

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In this report, Yole’s analysts highlight the rapid growth of this market: thus, they announce 14% CAGR between 20 (in units).

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