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The narrative synthesis seemed appropriate given the variation in the included participants, target behaviour, and duration and intensity of the intervention.

The results were presented simply as being positive or negative, thus limiting the readers' interpretation. Practice: The authors stated that social stories should not be the only social skills intervention for children with ASD.

Poorly defined inclusion criteria, a limited search strategy and a small evidence base limit the reliability of these findings.

Studies of the effectiveness of social story interventions were eligible for inclusion.

This review attempted to assess the effectiveness of social stories for educating children with autism spectrum disorders.

The authors concluded that current evidence supports the use of social story interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders.

An improvement in target behaviours was shown in all 6 participants (reduction in tantrum behaviour, increase in appropriate classroom behaviour, reduction in loud vocalisations, movie/tv verbalisations and instructional repetition). A positive effect of social story intervention was reported in all three studies.

I believe it's difficult to understand more about sex and autism if you don't have good sense of what autism is to begin with.The methodology of the review process was not reported and there was no attempt to assess the methodological quality of the included studies.It was therefore not possible to assess the likelihood of error or bias being introduced during the review process or as a result of the methodological quality of the included studies.This is a critical abstract of a systematic review that meets the criteria for inclusion on DARE.Each critical abstract contains a brief summary of the review methods, results and conclusions followed by a detailed critical assessment on the reliability of the review and the conclusions drawn.

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