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Teachers, professors, and parents may also find these resources to be useful as they assist their students or children. Mc Connell Affiliation: Wright State University Description: This Doctor of Psychology (Psy. programs are listed by location, administration, specialization, subspecializations available, American Psychological Association accreditation status, program length, and dissertation/research project requirement. Note: 2001 OTRP Instructional Resource Award Affiliation: Jefferson Community College Description: This 12-page resource provides background information on Lev Vygotsky's life and his concepts of Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and scaffolding, and describes a small-group research activity for students to test the ZPD idea.

Description: This 41-page document assists faculty who supervise psychology undergraduate internships, either as a course instructor or site sponsor, by (a) reviewing background on the importance of internships and their role in the experiential learning model, (b) discussing instructor considerations for setting up an internship course in terms of design and evaluation, and (c) providing an example course model based on a “student employability framework,” including associated educational activities and a student self-assessment of employability behaviors to guide student career development. D.) Program Guide is a quick reference for both prospective Psy. students and their professors or academic advisors. Author: Ennio Cipani Affiliation: National University Description: The Power Point file provides an introductory narrated presentation (under 8 min.) on a functional behavioral perspective on human behavior, especially explaining why challenging problem behaviors occur. Cipani contrasts this approach to understanding human behavior with a more traditional approach.

Persons employed in 56 of these careers are psychologists who must hold the appropriate graduate degree.

The remaining 244 psychology-related careers (i.e., those that require the demonstration of psychological knowledge and skills, but which do not carry the title of psychologist) are divided almost equally into two categories: those that can be entered with a bachelor’s degree and those that require a graduate degree.

Reading a Journal Article: An Assessment Tool Each includes an introduction that describes the development of the tool and a scoring rubric.

The second and third measures also include reproduction-ready assignments for activities.

Notations indicate those that developed from Instructional Resource Awards.

You can find more information about the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology on its homepage. Elchert Affiliations: The University of Iowa Description: This 24-page paper provides resources to psychology instructors at the high school, college, and doctoral levels to educate students about licensure. Burke, and Joshua Schoenfeld Affiliations: Cardinal Stritch University, Fort Lewis College, and St.

The second (for students) consists of more than 2,400 hotlinks psychology majors can use to explore 300 careers they can prepare to enter that have been organized into 15 broad occupational categories to facilitate searching.The third is a poster departments can print and post. The first is a Power Point that can be presented in classes or made available electronically on department websites.Faculty, advisors, and administrators can use this resource in classes, advising sessions, and departmental websites to help psychology majors begin the process of accomplishing Goal 5: Professional Development of APA’s Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major: Version 2.0 by acquiring an understanding of the “settings in which people with backgrounds in psychology typically work,” thus helping them to “develop meaningful professional directions.” Authors: Drew C. Kisses of death in the graduate school application process. The second is a handout that can be distributed during class meetings or advising sessions.Author: Kit Nast Affiliation: Bishop State Community College Description: This 5-page resource describes how videos on the website be used to help students as they determine which careers and college degrees to pursue.The site is especially useful for high school, college, and graduate students in all majors, but especially in psychology. programs listed, which is a 22% increase compared to 2004. Finley Affiliation: Prince George's Community College Description: This 10-page document introduces the field of sport psychology, provides guidelines for advising students and suggestions for appropriate courses.

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