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"That's throwing gasoline on a bonfire." She reached between Bobby's legs. Brightly-colored shapes were visible through the milky plastic. "Sure." "Good." Andy pulled away from Bobby, reached under the bed, and took out a large translucent box. " Andy buttoned her shirt and tucked its tail into her blue jeans. Andy opened a drawer in the cabinet and took a thin joint out. Kathy took a drag on the thin little joint, then slowly let the smoke out. Bobby was getting wetter looking at Andy's little breasts and tiny swollen nipples. " "Nothing like a boy." Bobby reached out and touched one of Andy's nipples. "That's so good." Andy turned around and kissed Bobby. A long cabinet supporting a flatscreen and sound system stretched along one wall. This is all we'll need." She lit the joint and took a long toke, then passed it to Kathy. She stared dreamily at the Navaho rug on the wall, holding the joint until Bobby took it out of her hand. "Awesome pot." Sitting cross-legged on the pillows had pulled her and Kathy's short skirts up, displaying their moist thongs. "You're awesome babes." She sat still for a long moment, staring at Bobby and Kathy, then took her shirt off and dropped it on the rug. Bobby and Kathy admired the painting while Andy folded the quilt and set it on top of the dresser. "Now, that really sets the mood." "Three sexy women." Kathy took Andy in her arms and kissed her. Too many choices." "It's our first three-way, too." Bobby grabbed Andy's hands and put them on her breasts.

"Just horny." "Good." Andy put her hands on Bobby's breasts and kissed her again.

." Andy gripped Bobby's hips and pulled their bodies together. Tender yet demanding, with just the right amount of tongue. "Your turn." Bobby's nipples grew hard and the warmth between her legs built as she watched her girlfriend kissing Andy.

" It was hot and muggy outside, typical for a Saturday afternoon in Houston, and she'd never smoked pot in public.

"Then, we made them put on a live sex show for us." "Sucking and fucking and everything? "Oh yeah." Andy looked from Bobby's and Kathy's bare breasts and hard nipples to their damp thongs and back.

Bobby kneaded Andy's breast while rubbing her own pussy through her thong. " "Kathy and I made a video of us having sex and left it for the boys." Bobby said. Bobby had green eyes and collar-length blond hair, while Kathy's eyes were blue and her brown hair brushed her shoulders. Keep going." Andy stiffened her tongue and drove it into Kathy's pussy like a cock.

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