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It is suggested that you use a dedicated "unzipper" like Win Zip, as opposed to the unzipping utilities that are built into various versions of Windows.In particular, you CANNOT merely view the ZIP file in Windows Explorer, "open" it in Explorer, and run Win500 from there.

The MBTA (and the governor and mayor) recommend everyone who can stay home and off the streets.

This release is the result of some "goofing around" over a weekend with some new development tools. Here's a list of Pocket PC devices that have been tested so far.

My "day job" has some pretty hectic deadlines approaching, so I won't be able to spend much time adding new features, fixing any found problems, etc. Some are based on my own testing, while others are based on user reports: Installation Win500 does not use an "installer" like many Windows programs.

I said, No, man, that guy doesn’t have that kind of money. AIPAC was introducing him at a fundraiser for him in Washington. The ads shifted between my Middle East stands and my domestic views.

The next day the papers reported that Davis raised 2,000 at another AIPAC fundraiser in New York. Almost immediately, the next ads started, and they didn’t stop. I had voted not to send people to prison for life without parole and AIPAC twisted that to say that I voted to let pedophiles out of jail.

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