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When the 5308 Air Service Area Command (Provisional) came to China in Nov 43, it inherited the 14 Air Service Command.

Orders predating the activation placed Col Reuben C.

New type Service Group is an organization designed to establish and operate a base with necessary 3d echelon supply and maintenance facilities for a combat group in the theater of operations.

It is organized into three special squadrons according to function: Material Squadron, Engineering Squadron and Headquarters and Base Services Squadron.

On 20 Dec 44, the China Air Service Command (Provisional) was assigned to the 14 Air Force and activated 12 Feb 45 at Kunming, China by General Order No.

6, Headquarters, China Air Service Command, dated 9 Feb 45.

On 7 Dec 44, the China Air Service Command (Provisional) was established.

The China Air Service Area Command was redesignated the China Detachment of Headquarters, India-Burma Air Service Command.

From Nov 1943 to May 1945, 24 Air Service Groups were trained in the U. Source: "Air Service Command Soldier's Guide", 3/25/44, 97 pages, Patterson Field, OH.Source: "The Development of Tactical Services in the Army Air Forces" by John M. The unit called "Service Group" came into being in June 1942, when all "Air Base Groups" in the AAF were redesignated "Service Groups" and assigned to either the Air Service Command in the U. 1944, and then it only referred to units assigned to perform maintenance on B-29 groups in the CBI and later in the Pacific. The term "Air Service Group" did not come into existance until Nov.Redesignated Squadron D at Post Field, OK on 22 Jul 18. Departed Biggs Field on 11 Aug 43 for Air Depot Training Station, Albuquerque AAB, NM. First casualities suffered during air travel to China with disappearance of aircraft. Enemy made ten raids on group at Kweilin from Mar through Sep.Consolidated with other post field squadrons on 2 Jan 19 to form Flying School Detachment, Post Field, OK. 81 Aero (Service) Squadron reconstituted and consolidated with 12 Air Base Squadron (organized 1 Mar 35) at Kelly Field, TX as 81 Service Squadron. Designated 12 Air Base Squadron (Special) on 1 Sep 40. Departed Kelly Field on 6 Jan 43 and arrived Santa Maria, CA on 9 Jan 43. Lt Col Lindley replaced by Maj Hugh Lowery on 17 Sep 43. Mobile units of group sent to Kirtland Field, NM on 16 Oct 43 for final training before shipment overseas. On 7 Sep 44, began evacuation of Kweilin for bases in western China. Attached to Sector Number 1, China Air Service Area Command on 20 Nov 44. Group exchanged some areas of responsibility with 14 Air Service Group.

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