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I never wanted to be a seduction guru, but after helping so many guys seduce their dream girl, the whispers spread out and I was invited on Latin TV shows, magazines and newspapers.

I’ve seen a lot of men try SO HARD to seduce latin women …with little to no success.

Many men have gone to Latin countries and have been seen having sex with prostitutes and ugly-looking women.

Every woman, no matter where she’s from, has something in her head called “pre-selection”.

Please note that this type of Latin can be quite different from classical Latin. Knowing Latin will help you to read documents from this period. You can practise by translating sentences taken from real documents held at The National Archives.

After 1733, official documents were written in English. This tutorial is suitable for everyone who wants to learn. For example, some are from the Domesday Book, written in 1086. Tips on learning Latin Twelve lessons Word list, common problems, dating Latin documents and much more More documents to practise on.

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