Is candace parker dating shelden williams

There’s plenty of room to stretch out in this 7,058-square-foot Spanish estate, complete with a two-story entry, expansive lawn and basketball court.

The owners, two-time WNBA MVP Candace Parker of the Sparks and former NBA player and Duke standout Shelden Williams, have put the Spanish-style home back on the market for .39 million, or 0,000 less than they was asking earlier this year.

One day, online dating sites will find the perfect compatibility metric and all these questions will be answered. In this golden era for the armchair sports psychologist, we must continue to analyze the off-the-field decisions made by athletes in order to fairly rate their performance.

Just as we now know Scott Hatteberg was valuable, we will eventually know whether or not Sasha Vujacic’s career 3-point percentage was good enough to deserve Maria Sharapova. It is our duty as sports fans to figure out who deserves whom and who might be playing out of his or her league.

I imagine Kris Humphries’ annual salary would not even cover the price of her desired wedding ring.

It was a good opening weekend for the WNBA on the court and an even better one off the court.The owners, two-time WNBA MVP Candace Parker of the Sparks and former NBA player and Duke standout...Camille Le Noir thought she'd landed a dream job last year, an entryway into the competitive world of coaching college basketball.A guy like that deserves a one-night bender with Kristin Cavallari.If he wants to stay with Maria, he must “rebrand the relationship,” and either contribute to a winning team or reveal something about himself that makes us all think he is a great guy who deserves everything he gets.

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Set on 1.38 acres in Encino, the house is approached by a driveway tucked behind private gates.

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