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There is no requirement in law that the employment contract be in writing.However, there is an obligation on the employer under the Terms of Employment (Information) act, 1994 to give employees a written statement of certain terms of employment (see below).Split Among the Courts Not only is there no consistent jurisprudence resolving this issue to be found in either the state or federal courts, but different panels within the same department have reached different conclusions.Thus, in ,(3) the plaintiff law firm sued to recover fees, alleging breach of contract, quantum meruit, and account stated.If you are an employer, therefore, you have a legal obligation to give a written contract to your employees.(Learn what must be included in a contract of employment) This extensive article looks at the contract of employment in Irish law and some of the critical issues which arise in the employment relationship.The cases are in conflict as to whether interest is mandatory or discretionary and the Court of Appeals has yet to weigh in on the issue.

Types of Implied Contracts Quantum meruit is, of course, merely one species of an implied contract. The foundation stone of the employer/employee relationship is the employment contract.So, it’s critical from day one, and becomes even more important if there is a dispute.However, a litigant is not entitled to interest in every civil action.CPLR 5001(a) provides that "[i]nterest shall be recovered upon a sum awarded because of a breach of performance of a contract or because of an act or omission depriving or otherwise interfering with title to, or possession or enjoyment of, property...." The statute goes on to specifically except "an action of an equitable nature." In equitable actions, whether to award interest, from what date, and at what rate are all discretionary.

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Pursuant to CPLR 5004, the prevailing party in a civil action is entitled to interest at the munificent rate of 9 percent per annum.

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