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I never thought about it much at the time, but upon hearing about other peoples experiences of the dreaded dentist visit, I sometimes wonder if my positive experiences had anything to do with the unusual attractions that would later manifest themselves.

Instead of fearing the dentist, it was something I looked forward to because I knew he would be relieving me of my pain.

As a consequence, she lived with near constant dental pain and most of her teeth had rotted down to stumps before her permanent teeth grew in.

The decaying roots, lack of fluoridation in the water and lack calcium in her diet only worsened the situation as her adult teeth developed, carrying stains and defects that spelled the end for many of her teeth before they even erupted.

I am built pretty good, I have nice hair and skin, I stay tanned and stay in shape.

I found myself almost instantly aroused and they soon became a source of stimulation.

One of them was a gold shell crown and that fit nicely over one of my deciduous molars and I quickly became infatuated with the way it looked compared to the stainless steel crowns.

Food was scarce, dental care was hard to come by and dental education was almost nonexistent.

It was widely believed back then that since children's teeth would eventually be replaced by new teeth, that there was no need to care for them.

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Beyond being less painful, they felt much smoother than my natural teeth and I liked the way they gleamed in the sunlight.

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