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How can you compare dreadful modern Minimalistic fashion to the glorious splendour of Victoriana!

The larger are £29 each and the smaller are £10 each. This is a well documented shaped jug in relief moulding.

The outer rim edge and body decoration,is coloured with the usual Swansea Chocolate brown. This is the "BENGAL TREE" pattern as opposed to the more usual Indian Tree pattern. Beautiful flow blue and Sunderland lustre in relief. It is not perfect having a rim chip (repaired) and a 2inch hairline down the rear side of the jug,near the handle,although the handle itself is perfect.

The plate was made in Staffordshire, England by Alfred Meakin and is in excellent condition. The plate was made by Alfred Meakin of Staffordshire, England. This jug is borderline Gaudy Welsh,looks fresh as a daisy with no staining, and still shows so beautifully out on display. Very pretty Basalt Pin tray by Wedgwood,measuring 4 - 5 inches in diameter.

We have seen 2 of these jugs impressed with Swansea workmans backstamps.

This jug stands on 4 short feet,and one of the feet has an inner crack,that is not visible from the outside,it is below the base anyway. This is an oval plate measuring approximately 12inches x 9inches.

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This Index lists all those patterns, borders and series titles which have appeared in articles of FOB Bulletins.

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