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While both can shake up your short term memory cup, making you forget what just happened, interruptions are far worse than distractions.Distractions disrupt the connections between the middle frontal gyrus and the seeing brain (visual cortex), but they don’t obliterate it, so your brain still remembers whatever you were doing and you can come back to it easily.— Srini Pillay One of the ironic upsides to a short attention span is that it gives you an ability to focus intensely on things.With intense focus and deep work you’ll get more done in less time, experience more flow, and you get an almost disproportionate increase in production capacity.

One focused hour a day of uninterrupted creation time will do far more for you than 6 hours a day of unfocused and perpetually interrupted creation time.

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One simple way to work in intense focus blocks is to use a tool like the productivity planner and the Pomodoro method.

When you’re interrupted however switching tasks derails you, and this connection falls apart.

Although distractions can reduce your productivity, if you do not tag and filter them, interruptions can be even more disruptive.

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