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At the end of the day, this is the main secret to successful dating, especially for shy men and women: distract yourself from the thoughts in your head and come out, come out, come out to play. Being shy basically means that you have a lot of personality inside you, but you feel uncomfortable releasing it to people you don’t really know.

In many ways, this trait is actually positive in that you use caution as you get to know people.

One technique that helps many of my clients is to take your thumb and index finger on one hand and press them together with medium pressure.

You don’t want to be focusing on what you’re thinking, or what your date is thinking, so wear an article of clothing or accessory that your date can comment on.Redirect your thoughts to your interests and talk about those on a new date.Steer the conversation to vacation spots you love, television programs you follow, or authors you read.The trick, however, is to not overthink things when you meet someone.In other words, if you don’t know him, why should you really care?

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This will take the pressure off of you and get the two of you talking.

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