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My nieces tell me every time they text me that I really need to get it together and hang out with Katy Perry already.

Or I'll trip down some stairs and it will be on the internet forever. I feel like it's a happy accident that I can present myself imperfectly. You have to go through the mud in order to find that peaceful place. Yeah, like I'm perched on my shoulder like a little bird going, I definitely feel that way. You probably compare yourself to other comedians or artists, "Is my work translating? It's healthy to balance it out, because we don't want to be dictators. with Chelsea Handler, who asked Beckinsale how she talks to her 18-year-old daughter Lily, an aspiring actress, about body image.“The thing that I tell her, which is something that I found really helpful probably about her age, is, I found this Susan Faludi book called ,” she explained.I kind of steamroll the whole session, so we hated each other at first. But I always have one waiting for me when I get offstage — a glass of champagne.It's a real dance with the devil, learning how to be professional and have a celebratory time.

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