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Additionally, Slatic, as one of the founders of the California Cannabis Industry Association, and a friend of many California State and local politicians, had an insider’s view of the ever-changing cannabis industry legislation.

California Assemblyman Rob Bonta, Slatic said, “couldn’t believe we were raided.” According to Slatic, an astonished Bonta told him, “I know you were covered by the law, because I wrote it.” So why, in 2016, in a city embracing cannabis businesses present and future, would the San Diego Police mess with a businessman like James Slatic?

These claims, however, have yet to be substantiated by empirical studies.

How does this change in timing affect listeners consuming cannabis?

But this happened in January of 2016, in a city with clear cannabis regulations that James Slatic and his business Med-West followed to the letter.A drug warrior cut from the same cloth as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Dumanis has been horrible on cannabis policy, before and after 2004 laws were passed in California.Thankfully, she retired last month, Slatic surmises the district attorney’s office engaged in what he refers to as a “smash and grab.” With full legalization on the horizon, and recreational laws on the books for 2018, he believes this is a ploy to seize as much cash and property as they are able before it’s no longer possible.Slatic says that his current options to fight are limited due to the felony charges: “I went to jail, my business was destroyed.I was an industry pioneer, but now I am radioactive.” Even politician friends who have been supportive privately are loath to go on record to show support since it’s a law-enforcement issue which could affect their standing when seeking reelection.

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As Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac once said, “If you’ve been working on something for a few hours and you smoke a joint, it’s like hearing it again for the first time.” The connection between music and cannabis has a rich history, dating back to the emergence of jazz in the early 20th century.

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