Batch updating

My biggest volume per single transaction was about 10M nodes and relationships with a 32G heap. The inner statement is executed once for each of those 5 million nodes.

This property is called ‘Use main placeholder for pop-ups’ and in Mendix 6 we are retiring it.

In order to lock in your criteria, with the maximum correct number of records presenting, you will need to click the report refresh button and then the Show Pages button.

Next, click on the Select All icon beneath the Choose Template button to select all the displayed records on the screen.

If you have moved from 4 to 5, and you haven’t made the switch to real layouts yet, this feature can save you a lot of work.

In Mendix 5 we made page structure and navigation explicit by adding layouts.

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To achieve that, you just prefix your regular WITH as data, [k in keys() | to Int(k)] as ids MATCH (n) WHERE id(n) IN ids // single property value SET n.count = data[to String(id(n))] // or override all properties SET n = data[to String(id(n))] // or add all properties SET n = data[to String(id(n))], which is meant to iterate over a list of items and execute update operations for each of them.

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