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Her husband Jorge is very proud of his wife and believes that she is the only senior citizen, the oldest australian and the fastest adult capable of this amazing personal achievement.

But for the first year of operations they carried more freight than had been anticipated.However, she continued and became the youngest person to sail solo around the world, until 16 year olf Dutch girl Laura Dekker finished her solo circumnavigation in January 2012 and took over the record.This one is more of a non-achievement really; it took the local council no less than TEN years to surface the 36 kilometres of road from the Daintree river ferry to Cape Tribulation. long Great Wall of China was also built in ten years, at the rate of a mile a day, that does make you wonder about the productivity of council workers a bit.....Also locally known as the Coathanger, Sydney's Harbour Bridge is one of the main land marks of the city.End of the 1990s it became the venue for the biggest ever Sydney fireworks, to be followed by even bigger the next year etc.

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