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Two people from different cultures should always have an open mind. If you date outside your culture..prepared for a different and sometimes bumpy ride. I LOVE TRINI and I go there every year and enjoy the fete and food and limin!

And perhaps my husband is not your typical Trini where he just wants to stick with what he knows. I'm also not the typical Black woman where I want to stick with what I know. Or perhaps the fact that I come from two people who were VERY different makes it easy for me to be open-minded? I'm a black American college student, originally from the Midwest. I've been dating a Trini guy for some time now, and we have a LOT of misunderstandings due to cultural difference.

Its just that some of us Black American's tend to forget our southern roots.

What I mean by this is that for instance....there are similarities in cuisine....

You black american women have a long history of determination and struggle, DO NOT tolerate nor accept substandard behavior from a Trinidadian man or any other black man who does not treat you in the manner in which you should be treated.

Intellectual Woman, you are probably speaking from experience and not referring to Trinidadian men as a whole.

I know that my bank here in Canada exchanges Trinidadian for Canadian money at 0.15.

Antonio I appreciate your candor and I understand for the most part but if one knows what they prefer why get involve and take from the person if you know that you have no intentions of being serious I'm not naive but I give as well as I take and because I'm from America doesn't mean that I should be used Your origin doesn't matter to me as long as you treat me right I will forever be there for you An open-mind will learn from each other I'll give you a helping hand my dear.What do you think is the BEST quality about Trinidadian men and the WORST quality in Trinidadian men?Now try not to be specific and judge based on one or two men that you know, but think about the 'average' Trini guy.Trini mean are a lot like men all over the world the only difference is a trini man speaks his mind and by speak his mind I mean speak his thoughs out loud, especially if they are about the opposite sex, in addition they are born with the gift of gab. Trini men don't hassle chicks abroad cause its not done there not cause we'll get sued we got lots of court clothes we simply express our appreciation verbally, some guys go over the limit but its all with good intent.True, but you will not see men around the world harrasing women in the street when they're walking. It's fine to speak their minds but it must be a respect for the other person. What is your definition of 'luv' abandoned children from unwed sex? don't try to make up posts by double posting right after yourself.

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My stomach turns anytime I read an account of a woman being bludgeoned or chopped to death with tools such as a length of pipe or a 'cutlass'The best thing about Trini men.....can make me laugh !

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